Faculty of Engineering (FT)

Faculty of
Engineering, formerly Faculty of Engineering Education, was established in
1965. At present, Faculty of Engineering 
runs  4  departments 
that  include  12 undergraduate  study 
programs,  7  Diploma-III 
programs,  1 master program and 1
doctoral program.

  • Mechanical Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering Education (S1)
    • Mechanical Engineering (D3)
    • Mechanical Engineering (S1)
    • Mechanical Engineering (S2)
    • Automotive Engineering Education (S1)
    • Automotive Engineering (D3)
    • Industrial Engineering (S1)

  • Civil Engineering
    • Building Construction Education (S1)
    • Civil Engineering (S1)
    • Civil Engineering (S2)
    • Civil Engineering and Building Construction (D3)

  • Electrical Engineering
    • Informatics Education (S1)
    • Electrical Engineering Education (S1)
    • Electrical Engineering (S1)
    • Electrical Engineering (D3)
    • Electronics Engineering (D3)
    • Informatics Engineering (S1)
    • Electronics Engineering (S2)

  • Industrial Technology
    • Culinary Art Education (S1)
    • Fashion Education (S1)
    • Culinary Art (D3)
    • Fashion Design (D3)

  • Vocational Education (S2)
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Civil and Building Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Informatics Engineering
    • Fashion and Gastronomy

  • Vocational Education (S3)

State-of-the-art Facilities

departments within the faculty boast advanced and self-contained laboratories.

  • Civil Engineering
    : UTM (Universal Testing Machine), TS (Total Station), GPS (Global
    Position Station), Theodolite, Leveling Telescope, Cordrill, Beklemend Beam,
    DCPT, Extraction, Sondir Test, Boring Test, SPT, etc.
  • Mechanical Engineering
    : Mechanical Workshop and Shed/CNC, advanced electronics and
    automotive machines, Automotive Training and Developing Center (in cooperation
    with PT. Suzuki Indonesia), Educational Laboratory and Workshop.
  • Electronics
    and Electric Engineering Department
    : PLC Lab, Robotics Lab,
    Microprocessor Lab, Digital Lab, Electric Installations Lab, Energy Conversion
    Lab, Computer Network Lab, Database and Information System Lab, Multimedia Lab,
    Web and Mobile System Lab, Programming Lab, Intelligence System Lab, Learning
    Tool Development Lab.
  • Industrial
    Engineering Department
    : Teaching Restaurant and Fashion