Faculty of Letter (FS)

Faculty of Letters – formerly the Faculty of Literature
and Arts Teaching – was established in 1954 together with the establishment of
the Teacher Education College (Perguruan
Tinggi Pendidikan Guru /
PTPG) which was the forerunner of UM. Currently FS
manages 6 departments that have 11 undergraduate study programs; 2 D3 study
programs; 5 Master (S2) study programs; and 2 Doctoral (S3) study programs.

  • Indonesian Literature
    • Indonesian and Regional Language and Literature Education (S1)
    • Indonesian Language Literature (S1)
    • Indonesian Language Education (S2)
    • Indonesian Language Education (S3)
    • Librarianship Science (S1)
    • Librarianship (D-3)

  • English Literature
    • English Language Education (S1)
    • English Language Education (S2)
    • English Language Education (S3)
    • English Language and Literature (S1)

  • Arabic Literature
    • Arabic Language Education (S1)
    • Arabic Language Education (S2)

  • German Literature
    • German Language Education (S1)
    • Mandarin Language Education (S1)

  • Art and Design
    • Visual Art Education (S1)
    • Visual Art Education (S2)
    • Dancing Art Education (S1)
    • Visual Communication Design (S1)
    • Animated Game Design (D3)

State-of-the-art Facilities

Each department is equipped with a language laboratory. Indonesian
Literature Department has a multimedia and drama laboratory. English Department
boasts its Self-Access Center (ESAC). The Department of Arabic Language
Education has Martadza, a unique
language laboratory. German Literature Department has its prided Mediotek, and for the department of Art
and Design, an array studios and laboratories is provided for the students and
teaching staff: a recording studio, photography studio, dancing studio, arts
and craft studio, and a ceramic workshop. The faculty also provides language
and computer laboratories accessible by those who need them.