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Dies Natalis UM ke-67, Tumbuhkan Inovasi untuk Membangun Negeri

Unit Hubungan Masyarakat | 18 October 2021
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Pemberlakuan Pengaturan Terbatas Aktivitas Kampus (PTAK) Level 3 Corona Virus Diseas 2021 (COVID-19) di Universitas Negeri Malang

Unit Hubungan Masyarakat | 8 September 2021
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Luar Biasa! Mahasiswa UM Borong Medali Kompetisi Sains Indonesia (KSI) 2021

Unit Hubungan Masyarakat | 1 March 2021
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Pelaksanaan Dan Peserta Wisuda Daring 107 UM Tahun 2021

Unit Hubungan Masyarakat | 2 September 2021
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5th International Research Conference on Economic and Business (IRCEB) 2021

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International Summer Course and Field Trip 2021

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Acara Puncak Peringatan Hari Santri 2021

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Vaksinasi Sinovak Dosis II Dies Natalis ke-67

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