Entry Selection Path

Entry Selection Path


SNMPTN is attended by all PTNs that have been determined by the Indonesian PTN Chancellor Council, held in an integrated and simultaneous system. The cost of implementing SNMPTN is borne by the government, so that the participants are not charged a selection fee. www.ltmpt.ac.id


Joint selection in the admission of new students at PTN through a national written exam. For participants, joint selection is beneficial because it is more efficient, cheap, and flexible. This is due to the cross-region mechanism. Complete information: www.ltmpt.ac.id

Lambang UM


In the context of admitting prospective new students who have the academic ability and skills to attend and complete education on time, as well as expanding learning opportunities for prospective participants, UM opens registration for new students for independent selection for Diploma (D3) and Bachelor (S1) programs online, with independent path as follows.
Academic and Non-Academic Achievement Pathways for Computer-Based Tests (TBK) / Skills Tests, Selection Pathway for Level Transfer Programs (SPAJ).