Public facilities

Public facilities

State University of Malang (UM) is one of the major universities with 1,050 lecturers, 1,043 administrators, and 28,671 students (May 2020 statistical data). To support the activities of UM residents in carrying out their daily duties on campus, several public facilities are absolutely necessary. The availability of this public facility is certainly expected to facilitate direct or indirect assignments given to the academic community. Some of the necessary public facilities and facilities available on the UM campus include student dormitories, swimming pools, BNI UM Service Offices, BRI UM Cash Offices, BNI BRI and BTN ATMs, meeting halls (Sasana Krida, Sasana Budaya, Graha Cakrawala), canteen Post Office, Hindu Dharma Student Family Activities, Citizen Activities (Catholic and Protestant), Religious Life Development, Al-Hikmah Mosque, Polyclinic, art facilities, sports facilities, transportation facilities, parking lots and campus traffic, student cooperatives, shops and cooperatives, hot spot, and guest houses (Guest House).

Student dormitory
Girls Dormitory: Tulip Guesthouse

To help students find housing that can support the smooth running of their studies, a student dormitory is available on campus I Jl. Veteran Malang City, student dormitory at Campus II Jl. Ki Ageng Gribig Malang City, as well as student dormitories at Campus III Jl. Ir. Soekarno No. 1 Blitar City. With a total capacity of 1482 students. Student dormitories began to be managed by the Dormitory Division, Malang State University Business Center Unit in 2017.

Campus I Student Dormitory consists of 6 (six) building units, each:

  1. Wisma Anyelir with a capacity of 164 people,
  2. Wisma Aster with a capacity of 80 people,
  3. Wisma Soka with a capacity of 90 people,
  4. Wisma Tulip with a capacity of 264 people,
  5. Wisma Lily capacity of 126 people.
  6. Wisma Dahlia with a capacity of 428 people.

Campus II Student Dormitory (Sawojajar) Wisma Matahari with a capacity of 150 people, and Campus III Student Dormitory (Blitar) Wisma Mawar with a capacity of 180 people. The facilities available for students who live in the dormitory are bedrooms, prayer rooms, living room, dining room, television, wi-fi, and a car park.

Coaching for student dormitory residents is coordinated by the dormitory management team assisted by dormitory coaches and administrators through activities, including sports, religious training, dawn lectures, cross-faculty discussions, arts, computer courses, training in writing scientific papers, journalism, community service, dharma. travel and work camps.

In addition to serving housing within one year (as dormitory residents), student dormitories also serve daily or monthly temporary shelters for UM or non-UM students, as well as for the general public.

BNI Office UM service

BNI UM branch

BNI UM Service Office, which was initiated in 1986, is the result of collaboration between UM and BNI Malang Main Branch Office. At the beginning of its establishment, this bank still had the status of the IKIP Malang Cash Office and was better known by students as a bank to pay tuition fees. Furthermore, on August 10, 1994 it was inaugurated as a UM Sub-Branch Office. However, since 2011 it was changed to BNI Service Office (KLN) UM which can serve tuition payments for UM students and other banking services. Approaching the new academic year, the BNI UM Service Office also serves SPMB Form payments and has been going on since 1988. BNI occupies an area within the UM Campus complex which is located at Jl. Surabaya No. 4 Malang. This place is quite strategic because it is close to government and private agency offices, so that access by parties outside the MU is very possible. BNI UM Service Office continues to develop its operational services. Several products that can be obtained at this bank include: (1) Savings Products: Current Accounts, Time Deposits, Taplus, Business Taplus, Education Savings (Tapenas), BNI Hajj, BNI Dollar, Employee Taplus (TAPPA), Young Taplus, Children's Taplus Savings, Student Taplus / KTM, Deposit on Call (DOC), DPLK and other derivatives. (2) Investment Products: BNI Life Multi Pro, BNI Life Cash Pro, Mutual Funds, ORI, SUKUK etc. (3) Banking Services: Domestic Remittances, Collection, SKB, Multi-Purpose Checks, Tax Payments, Fiduciary, Payment for electricity, payment for telephone, payment for tuition fees, and entrance fees for universities throughout Indonesia through the means of H2H. (4) Foreign Transactions: Incoming Transfer, Outgoing Transfer, Travelers Check, Foreign Exchange, Export-Import, etc. (5) Service Electronic Chanel: SMS Banking, Internet Banking, Phone Banking, Mobile Banking, etc.

Since 1990, in accordance with government policy, the BNI UM Service Office has also served payroll salary accounts at UM and other agencies both around campus and outside the campus, as well as lending to lecturers and employees, which consists of:

  • Consumer Credit:
    Unsecured loans (BNI Flexi), Home Ownership Loans (KPR), Research Loans, Student Achievement Loans, and S2 and S3 Scholarship Credits for tuition fees
  • Earning Credit:
    People's Business Credit (KUR), Working Capital Credit (KMK), and Investment Credit (KI)

BNI UM Service Office provides services to the campus community and the general public starting at 08.00-16.00 every day from Monday to Friday.

BRI Cash Office UM

BRI Cash Office UM

BRI Cash Office UM, established in October 2007, and is a collaboration between UM and BRI Kanca Malang Martadinata. BRI UM Cash Office is located at Jl. Surabaya No. 4 Malang and is included in the UM campus complex, this place is strategic enough for access outside the UM environment because there are many government agencies and schools. BRI is a bank that has an online network of 6,000 work units throughout Indonesia (Branch Offices, KCP, KK, and Teras).

Products offered include: (1) Britama Rp / Dollar, Britama Plan, Britama Business, and Junio, Giro, Time Deposit, Hajj Savings, Simpedes, BRI Credit Card, BRI DPLK; (2) Banking services include: Domestic and foreign money transfers, Travelers Check Collection; (3) Other services include: Payments for telephone, electricity, and water, credit card payments both BRI, Standard Chartered Bank, Citibank, ANZ, HSBC, Installment payments for motorbikes: FIF, BAF and SOF, Payment of salaries for agencies and companies through payroll salary. Payment of SPP, SPSA, SPMB, from early childhood to university. And other facilities such as: BRI internet banking, BRI Mobile Banking, BRI Phone Banking.

From the savings, both Britama and Simpedes, every 6 months a lottery is carried out with prizes for houses, cars, etc. BRI Cash Office UM provides services to the campus community and the general public every working day (Monday to Friday) from 08.00-16.00 WIB.


UM, which has a number of offices with a large number of residents, and working / studying until late in the afternoon / evening, of course, really needs a canteen unit for the purposes of providing food. In the main campus there are several canteen units located in each faculty, including: FIP, FS, FMIPA, FE, FIK, FIS, and BUK. All of these canteens provide the necessities of eating, drinking and snacks (snacks) for campus residents, and the general public. This canteen and cafeteria unit is expected to be able to help campus residents who are studying until late afternoon or for those who do not have time to prepare food at home.

UM Branch Post Office

The existence of the Post Office of the State University of Malang Branch is one form of service improvement to the Academic Community of the State University of Malang regarding the need for written communication services, remittances and goods.

In January 1980 based on a cooperation agreement between the Malang Post Office which is located at Jl. Merdeka Selatan No. 5 Malang 65119 with IKIP Malang which is domiciled at Jl. Surabaya No. 6 Malang 65145, at that time a postal service was opened under the name of the IKIP Malang Post Office and was located in the IKIP Malang area, occupying a room measuring 3 x 3 meters located between the student activity building and the canteen. In subsequent developments in order to provide even better postal services, not limited to campus residents, but residents around the campus, government and private agencies around the campus, in 1991 a building was built on land owned by IKIP Malang covering an area of 200 m² located in Jl. Gombo no. 306 Malang 65145. And now it is named the Post Office of Malang State University 65114 which is located on Jl. Semarang No. 5 Building A 10 State University of Malang.

Several forms of services that can be served at the Malang State University Branch Office include: Post and Stamp Goods Sales, Mail delivery, delivery of goods (Postal Packages), Shipping and payment of money (Weselpos), Western Union, Savings e Batara Pos and Shar- e, payment: PDAM, Telkomsel, FIF, ADIRA, OTO, Wom, BAF, Credit Card, Tax, Phone Account etc. Services are provided for 6 (six) working days (Monday-Saturday) with counter opening hours:

Monday Friday08.00 to 16.00 WIB
Saturday08.00 to 12.00 WIB
Sunday / HolidaysLid

Al-Hikmah Mosque

Al-hikmah mosque

The Al-Hikmah Mosque complex is located on Jl. Ambarawa, on campus I UM, was initiated in the 1960s, and was officially established in 1981 so that it can be used adequately. This mosque complex occupies a land area of about 3,000 m2, consisting of the main building of the mosque with a total floor area of 900 m2 (excluding 2nd floor), and a library of 300 m2. Currently, the management is directly under the UM Rector.

This mosque has various activities, both routine and incidental ones. These activities include: Recitation for employees conducted by the Koran recitation section of KORPRI, which is held every two weeks every Thursday night. The recitation for mothers which is coordinated by the recitation section of the Dharma Wanita Persatuan UM, is held every two weeks every Friday afternoon. In collaboration with Takmir, and Executors of University Courses, Religious Life Executors (Islamic Section) held TDI (tafaquh fi dinil islam) once a week every Saturday morning followed by students who are taking Islamic studies. Takmir organizes routine activities, namely Friday prayers and five daily prayers, routine lectures after each midday prayer, and routine studies every Tuesday.

Christian Citizen Activities (Catholics and Protestants)

Protestant Christian formation is carried out in the form of routine activities, namely Bible Study Activities and Prayer Fellowships which are held every week. The service was held at the KBK (Christian Family) building. Christian spiritual ministry is also carried out online through the website at Every year there are several incidental activities such as LKMO, Easter Celebration, Management Gathering, Welcoming New Christian Students at State University of Malang, Christmas celebrations and Regeneration Camp for the newly formed Management.

Catholic religious guidance is carried out in the form of worship activities / campus mass which are held periodically every month and faith-deepening meetings (meditation, sharing and discussion) once a month, the celebration of Christmas and Easter which can be in the form of worship / mass, celebration of Easter together with Protestant Christianity, routine Rosary Prayers every May and October, joint services at an orphanage or nursing home in September, social services, scientific seminars, as well as acceptance and reception of new Catholic students (New Student Pick-Up, Performances and New Student Action and CAMP) .

Hindu Dharma Student Family Activities (KMHD)

The Hindu Dharma Student Family, State University of Malang (KMHD UM) is one of the student activity units engaged in the spiritual sector, especially Hindu spirituality, which seeks to improve the spiritual quality of Hindu students at State University of Malang.

The development of Hindus themselves within UM includes activities of dharma religion and dharma state. The implementation of religious dharma is directed towards the realization of an increase in Hindu belief (srada) towards Ida Sang Hyang Widhi (God Almighty) and His teachings. This is done by conducting a deepening of the scriptures through discussion (Dharmatula) and prayer (Yadnya). Meanwhile, the implementation of state dharma is directed at efforts to develop Hindu participation in national development. Fostering and developing an attitude of tolerance and the embodiment of religious harmony, which among others is manifested in the form of cooperation in socio-religious activities (Dharma Bhakti).

You can meet us at Kampung UKM-UM Lt.2 No.03 and you can also interact directly with us on social media with the username @kmhdum. We are waiting for your presence, thank you.


The UM Polyclinic was initiated in 1969. The polyclinic is located on Jl. Ambarawa in the Campus I complex with an area of 400 m2. Apart from providing medical services for UM residents, the Polyclinic is also open to the general public, especially residents around the campus. Most of the Polyclinic's operational funds come from MUs and partly from patients.

UM students and employees are exempt from the cost of medical treatment and health checks (request for a health certificate for academic activities). Apart from these two elements, registration fees are charged as follows:

Family and retired administrative employees

Families and retired lecturers

General public

New registration plus administration fee

Certificate of health











Treatment costs are adjusted to the use of drugs and the use of other consumables. Medical services are handled by three general practitioners, two dentists, two nurses, one midwife, one therapist, five administrators, and three honorary staff. Doctor services are carried out every working day, Poliklini's service time is as follows:

  1. Registration
    Monday-Friday: 07.00 - 14.00 WIB
  2. Service
    Monday-Thursday: 08.00 - 14.30 WIB
    Friday: 08.00 - 14.00 WIB  

The types of services that can be obtained at the UM Polyclinic include:

  1. General health
  2. Dental health
  3. Therapy massage
  4. Maternal and child health, including:
  5. pregnancy test;
  6. family planning services (KB);
  7. posyandu for toddlers on the first Wednesday of the week;
  8. posyandu elderly on the second Wednesday of the week;

Posyandu services include health education, growth checks for toddlers, and health checks for the elderly.

  • Additional services:
  • early detection of cervical cancer and breast cancer through examinations PAP smear and CBE (Clinical Breast Examination);
  • request for a doctor's certificate for administrative purposes for those who need it;
  • a place to collect blood donors for humanitarian purposes through PMI Malang Branch;

UM Polyclinic also collaborates with UM Laboratory Elementary School, UM Autism Lab School, and UM TPA for health checks and growth and development for toddlers.

Art Facilities

Coaching and developing students' interests and talents in the arts are carried out through the Student Activity Unit, which includes choir, musical, dance, music, fine arts and crafts / skills, and drama / theater. Its program of activities includes education and training for new members, routine training, incidental training, and group performances. Technical guidance is carried out in each field by a technical coach.

Students who want to join the Student Activity Unit in the arts can register at the Secretariat (Choir, Karawitan, Dance, Music, Fine Arts, and Drama in their respective Student Activity Units). The training schedule and activities of each art field are arranged by each UKM.

In another section, there is an art group whose members consist of lecturers and administrators, which include music and singing.

Sports Facilities

Horizon Tennis Court

To support the implementation of the academic activities of the Faculty of Sports Science (FIK) as well as sports activities for lecturers, staff, and students in general, UM provides a number of sports facilities, namely a football field (Cakrawala Stadium), Cakra-wala tennis court, basketball court. , table tennis, volleyball court, beach volleyball court, badminton court, swimming pool, fitness center and multipurpose building.

Two soccer fields on Campus I and Campus II. A total of 3 tennis courts are located on Campus I. 3 basketball courts are located on campuses I, II, and III. There are 5 volleyball courts, 2 in Campus I, 2 in Campus II and 1 in Campus III. There are 4 badminton courts located on Campus I, 1 in the Soka Building and 3 in the FIP Joint Lecture Building.

The licensing procedure for the use of sports facilities is no different from the use of other public facilities, namely by submitting an application to the Rector, cq Deputy Chancellor II, which is then regulated and adjusted to the schedule for using existing sports facilities.

Coaching talented students in various sports fields is carried out through the Student Activity Unit (UKM) which is coordinated by the Faculty of Social Sciences (FIK). Sports UKM includes Representative Self Defense Institution, football, basketball, volleyball, bridge, tennis, table tennis, badminton, softball, Sepak Takraw, chess and swimming. The training schedule is arranged and adjusted to each technical coach.

There is no sports association that is specifically attended by lecturers or education staff. However, to maintain a healthy body, there is a Jas-mani Freshness Exercise (SKJ), Fitness Center, badminton and tennis, these four types of intensive sports are carried out and scheduled regularly and can be followed by students and the public.

UM residents who are interested in participating in the Tennis Court, which is located at Campus I, can contact the Business Center, while those who are outside UM residents can submit a request to the Vice Rector II.

Fitness Center located at Campus I of the Faculty of Sports Science (FIK), equipped with various facilities tailored to the needs of members and doctor consultations. Fitness Center it can accommodate about 40 people. For the purposes of training, 5 gym instructors are guided aerobic and 5 professional instructors and tools. Exercise time is held 3 times a week. The training schedule is determined every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 07.00-07.30.

Means of Transportation

Vehicle Garage

To support the smooth running of official activities and social activities of its citizens, UM provides a number of vehicles of various types. This vehicle consists of: 10 minivans with a capacity of 6-7 people each, 1 unit of sedan with a capacity of 4 people, 4 units of minibus with a capacity of 8-14 people, 2 units of buses with a capacity of 28-33 people, 1 unit of water tanker, 2 units ambulance, 2 units of garbage trucks, 1 unit of truck crane, and 3 cars pick up,

So far, these vehicles have been widely used for official service operational activities such as seminars, workshops, workshops, education and training, KKN, study tours, sports activities and visits to other campuses, social and religious activities. For UM residents or outsiders who want to use the vehicle, they can contact the Sub Division of Household, Bureau of General Affairs and Finance (BUK) UM Tel (0341) 551312 psw 1113 by filling out the form provided and following the procedure and fulfilling the specified requirements.

Parking Lot and Campus Traffic

For lecturers, education staff, students and guests who bring vehicles to campus, parking is provided in several places free of charge (free). The main parking lot with the largest capacity is located to the south of the Graha Cakrawala building, the other smaller parking spaces are divided into 4-wheel and 2-wheeled parking areas.The 4-wheeled parking area is in front and behind the A2 building, in front of the Autistic School, in front of the Girls' Dormitory, in front of D2 Building, in front of D4 Building, in front of G4 Building, between H7 and H8, in front of Graha Rectorate, basement of Graha Rectorate, in front of Sasana Krida, in front of Sasana Budaya, in front of Mandarin Learning Center, and beside Building I2 – I5. While the 2-wheeled parking area is next to Building C1, in front of Graha Rectorate, behind A2, FIP, FE, behind D9 Building, next to the Mosque, MIPA, FIK, and in front of the UM Car Garage.

For the sake of security and order, it is recommended that vehicle users do not park their cars, motorbikes, wind bikes, buses and similar vehicles other than in the places provided. Especially for bus vehicles, it is only allowed to park in the south of the Graha Cakrawala building. This parking lot is guarded by a security guard (Satpam). Meanwhile, those who bring cars and motorbikes are not allowed to park their vehicles on the streets of the campus area which may cause traffic jams.

Likewise, to maintain campus security and order, the entrance to the campus by vehicle drivers can go through 4 gates, namely through Jl. Semarang, Jl. Surabaya, Jl. Veteran, and Jl. Ambarawa, specifically for the gate of Jl. Ambarawa is only allowed two-wheeled vehicles and the like.

Shops and Cooperatives

At UM there are two main cooperatives, namely the UM Student Cooperative (KOPMA) and the UM Indonesian Employee Cooperative (KPRI). The services provided by the two cooperatives are not limited to their members, but are also open to the public.

KOPMA UM develops business fields that include shops, services and production units, savings and loans, and education improvement. The shop unit provides books, clothing, and office stationery, while the service and production unit provides screen printing services, cafeterias, and photocopying service units. The Savings and Loans Unit is programmed to help students (members) who need assistance in paying tuition fees and living expenses (late money orders). The education improvement unit organizes cooperative education and training for members and also supports school cooperative groups / organizations, state universities and private companies in and outside Malang. In addition, sending members to participate in various activities organized by cooperative organizations outside campus.

Furthermore, the Republic of Indonesia Employee Cooperative (KPRI) UM develops business units, which include savings and loans business units, shopping / self-service business units, payment of electricity, telephone and water bills collectively.

For the savings and loan business unit, the facilities provided to members are: (1) loans up to IDR 100,000,000.00 with a service of 1.0% decreasing with a maximum installment period of 180 months; (2) interest-free social loan with a maximum installment of IDR 1,000,000 with a maximum installment of 20 months. Members who save at KPRI UM are given services per month 0.40%, without any discount (regular) and for future savings (TMD) are given services of 0.50% flat with a minimum period of 1 year (12 months) and can be extended. To expand the range of services and in order to provide convenience, members are welcome to shop for all the needs of members in all stores in Malang and outside Malang in cash then purchase receipts can be exchanged directly in the savings and loan section, then the goods can be paid in installments for a maximum of 72 months with a maximum credit of Rp. 100,000,000.00 with a decreased service of 1.0%

Shop / supermarket unit, provides basic necessities for members, school needs, other household needs, both primary and secondary. For cash purchases / purchases of IDR 200,000.00 and above, a 2% discount will be given and can be delivered to your home while in the city of Malang.

In the Social Sector, KPRI UM provides inpatient assistance for members of IDR 500,000 and their families (wives / husbands / biological children) of IDR 400,000. In one year a maximum of two can be given assistance. To provide security for family members, KPRI UM also provides collateral for loans made up to a maximum of Rp. 150,000,000.00.

Efforts to improve services to members are continuously being made, one of which is through the collective payment of electricity, water, and telephone bills through KPRI UM. This easy payment service is carried out so that members no longer queue to pay, are more economical, and are guaranteed not to forget to pay. Only with an additional fee of IDR 1,000.00 (one thousand rupiah) per account and payment by deducting your salary.

For further information, please contact KPRI UM (0341) 553-921, 588-255. For shops or supermarkets by number 0812-3205-6065 (tel / WA).

Guest House (Guest House)

UM has 3 guest houses, located on Jl. TGP No. 9 and TGP No. 11 Malang, and the UM guesthouse is in the Campus area I. As the name implies, this guesthouse is for guests visiting UM.

Guest house which is located on Jl. TGP No. 9 and No. 11 occupy an area of 1,137 m2, building area 350 m2, with 2 living rooms, 10 bedrooms which can accommodate 20 guests. This building and floor is equipped with various facilities consisting of bedrooms and amenities, telephone, bathroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, TV facilities, refrigerator, LCD and projector screen, table and meeting chairs. Meanwhile, Wisma UM is located in the campus area I, facing Jalan Veteran No. 9 Malang, especially for SM3T students under the coordination of LP3 UM.

The procedure for using the guest house is by submitting an application letter to the Rector, cq Deputy Rector II and a copy to the Household Subag, General and Finance Bureau (BUK) UM.

Details of other facilities can be seen at SIBMN application