Decree of UM Establishment

State University of Malang (UM) comes from the Teacher Education College (PTPG) which was inaugurated by the Minister of Education, Teaching and Culture, Prof. Mr. Muhammad Yamin on October 18, 1954 based on decree number 38742 / Kab dated September 1, 1954. At the same time Prof. Sutan Adam Bachtiar as the first Rector of PTPG Malang.

On November 10, 1954, a new university was established in East Java, namely Airlangga University (Unair) in Surabaya. The establishment of Unair had an impact on the status of PTPG. From then on, PTPG in Malang became one of the four faculties. As a consequence, based on Government Regulation no. 71 of 1958 PTPG formally changed its status and its name to the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) Universitas Airlangga. Thus, the history and activities of PTPG Malang were under the name Unair. On January 3, 1963, the President issued Decree No. 1 of 1963 which contained the unification of FKIP and IPG into IKIP. Then on May 4, 1964 a Joint Decree was issued between the Minister of PTIP and the Minister of PDK No. 34 and 32 of 1964 on how to unify FKIP and IPG into IKIP. Then set the FKIP in Malang / Yogyakarta combined with the IPG in Madiun / Yogyakarta to become IKIP in Malang / Yogyakarta. At the same time, the Minister of Higher Education and Science Decree No. 35 of 1964 which stipulates that IKIP Malang has the following branches: (a) in Surabaya (from the FKIP Airlangga University branch), (b) in Madiun (from the FKIP Airlangga University branch), (c) in Singaraja (from FKIP Udayana University), (d) in Kupang / Endeh (from FKIP Nusa Cendana University).

Based on Presidential Decree Number 93 of 1999 stipulates that the IKIP MALANG changed to State University of Malang (UM). Next, we submit the Information Document for the UM Establishment Decree.

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 1.Establishment of PTPG MalangNo. 33756 / Kab August 4, 1954
 2.Establishment of PTPG MalangNo. 38742 / Kab September 1, 1954
 3.Inauguration inscription of PTPG Malang – 18 October 1954
 4.The establishment of FKIP Unair in Malang No. 57 of 1954 November 1, 1954
 5.The establishment of FKIP Unair in Malang No. 119533 / S 20 November 1957
 6.The establishment of the IKIP Malang No. 55 of 1963 May 1, 1963
 7.Change of IKIP Malang to become a university 
State of Malang (UM)
No. 93 of 1999 August 4, 1999

Malang, 14 November 2014
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