Visual Asset Guideline for the 66th Anniversary of State University of Malang (UM)

Logo Concept

Logo of the 66th Anniversary of UM
  • The logo with color modification on the illustration with a strong blue color is clearer which explains the color of the State University of Malang, and other colors from the basic color of the learning university are used as the illustration color of the number 66
  • Green Line Describes MW Innovating Through the Horizon, (symbol of innovation, infinite creativity)
  • Detail:
    1. Um logo shape with color configuration
    2. Horizontal line / horizon represents the "horizon"
    3. The spirit of continuous innovative / connectedness symbolizes the form of "chains and forms of infinity"
    4. The tip of the number 6 from the leaf symbol as meaning always grows
    5. Tagline: innovation horizons
      innovate for the country, advance to innovate. To innovate and achieve, to advance to innovate to increase achievement, to advance to innovate and to achieve
    6. Font: adjusted to the basic shape configuration of the number 66 (ref: centra no2 font)
Flat version (official)

Gloss Version

Positioning Statement

UM symbol with positioning statement:
"Excellence in Learning Innovation

part of the 2020 branding strategy by providing a "positioning statement" in the form of an tag line which is derived from the spirit of "The Learning University" that previously existed

Historically, UM has made positioning statements which were launched on the previous anniversary and lustrum, including:

2008: When Learning is Enjoyment- as a positioning statement
2009: Make Work and Keep Working - as a positioning statement
2010: The Learning University - as an identity declare
2020: Excellence in Learning Innovation - as a positioning statement connected to identity

Placement configuration

The UM symbol and the Dies Natalis 66 logo are placed next to the placement of the Malang State University Symbol with a statement on the left and the dies natalis 66 logo on the right

For certain purposes, they can be used separately