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Rethinking EurAsia Lecture Series

Tanggal Pelaksanaan Agenda 11 Sep 2020 08:00:00 - 11 Sep 2020 17:00:00

With the theme of “Popular Culture Made (in) Eurasia”, REALS 2020 aims to address various topics and issues regarding popular culture in Europe and Asia to deepen mutual understanding about and among European and Asian Community. In line with the goal of Eurasia Foundation, this lecture series directed as part of attempts of UM to create a harmonious and peaceful society where people can live together each holding their own dreams and hopes, which will result in global peace and security.

REALS 2020 consists of 16 lectures with 14 speakers from 8 countries, starting from 7 September to 30 October 2020. This course addresses various topics and issues regarding popular culture in Europe and Asia to stimulate academic discussion on the topic.

Through this course, students will be equipped with skills in intercultural communicative competence. The skills are vital for students to enable them to navigate the increasingly globalised world and overflowing flows of information. These students will be able to take part, in their respective capacity, in understanding positive and negative images of Europe and Asia and be more critical of images they encounter from various platforms of popular culture.

By participating in the lectures, the students are not only expected to gain better understanding and awareness of the latest issues around the tradition, the broad spectrum of definition and the practice of pop culture, but also to prepare for a final project by the end of the lectures. The final project aims to cater for students’ unique learning experiences and examine their understanding on the course materials. The final project is also set to hone students’ potentials worth further development and awards.