Prof. Dr. Hariyono, M.Pd

Website UM with the address built starting on August 25, 2008 and inaugurated on October 18, 2008 as a replacement for the UM website which was built since February 6, 1998. The UM website is updated regularly to adjust to developments in UM.

Website The new UM has displayed UM's self-identity, namely "Learning University (Learning University)And the slogan "When Learning is Enjoyment". The motto "Work and Keep Working" is manifested in the rubric "Work and Keep Working". The rubric is expected to be filled with new thoughts, new works, new achievements and "the true story"In an effort to achieve it.

In 2010, UM has the right to use the logo Quacquarely Symond (Qs) with 1 star and in January 2012 UM website in the Webometrics version is ranked 4044 in the world 131 Southeast Asia 44 Indonesia. Thank you to all those who have participated and hope that we can improve this achievement. I invite all students, alumni, lecturers, and UM retirees to link to on their respective blogs and include the files they have on the site

Since April 1, 2019, the UM site has also started to enter the Alexa version of the Top 20,000 world rankings. This indicates that the UM site is visited more and more and more pages are read. To improve this achievement, I invite all parties to try every morning to open the UM site to make department / faculty announcements through the UM website and support the system on line. System on linewhich have been developed are KRS and KHS on line through; new student registration On line through; PPL registration On line through Next will follow the scholarship On line etc.

Since May 2009, UM has provided internet services with a bandwidth of 8 Mbps; July 2009 to 10 Mbps; January 2011 to 32 Mbps; January 2012 to 32 Mbps mixed (international / domestic) with an additional 18 Mbps international & 60 Mbps domestic; while in 2013 it became 120 Mbps International + 60 Mbps Domestic and 20 Mbps with BGP routing facilities.

Currently, more and more students have laptops using internet facilities via hotspots provided on the UM campus. Hopefully in the coming years the plan to increase bandwidth is always fulfilled so that it can meet the needs of all UM student lecturers and educational staff.

Enjoy using this site.

Prof. Dr. Hariyono, M.Pd
UM Chancellor