Poor. Jonathan Swift, a very popular Irish author once said "Health always seems valuable after we lose it". This statement from a figure who also likes politics and religion makes us aware of the importance of maintaining the health of our bodies. If our bodies are healthy it is easy for us to complete various jobs. Likewise, when we are sick, various jobs will be neglected because we cannot do it optimally.

Concern for the healthy lifestyle of the community is evidenced by one of the ways that the GERMAS program or the Healthy Living Community Movement by the government. GERMAS is a systematic and planned action carried out jointly by all components of the nation with awareness, willingness and ability to behave in a healthy manner to improve the quality of life. The legal basis for GERMAS is contained in the Presidential Instruction of the Republic of Indonesia Number 1 of 2017 concerning the Healthy Living Community Movement.

There are many recommendations included in the GERMAS program, such as eating fruits and vegetables every day, checking your health regularly, and doing physical activity for 30 minutes every day. Doing physical activity by housewives can be done by cleaning the house every day, washing clothes and kitchen utensils to cooking. Without realizing it, maintaining a healthy life can be done with simple things.

It is unfortunate that today many people do not have a concern for their physical health. Many people still eat unhealthy foods, eat less vegetables and fruits, so they don't do physical activity every day. Therefore, the Community Service Program from the State University of Malang (UM), the Langlang Singosari Village group, Malang Regency, carried out GERMAS counseling activities to PKK RW 3 Langlang Village women.

The counseling which was held at 16.00 WIB - finished on Sunday, April 14 2019, received great enthusiasm from the participants. About 40 PKK mothers came to Mrs. Kustining's house as the place for this outreach activity.

The speaker in this activity was Mrs. Della Ayu Zona Lia from the State University of Malang. He conveyed the importance for mothers to act as the main pioneers in the family in increasing concern for maintaining a healthy body. At the end of the delivery of the material, a question-and-answer session was opened, some PKK mothers also asked their questions and were immediately answered by the presenters.

Reporter: Filianti

Student of UM Management Department FE, Class of 2015